About us

TELEPHONERS is a scientific club for students interested in telecommunications. It is associated with the Department of Telecommunications, AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków (Poland). Its mission is to encourage students to do exciting research in telecommunications through various free-time projects.

Our team members are MSc students led by Assistant Professor Marek Natkaniec (PhD).

Our club is looking for partners, we will willingly cooperate with companies, R&D institutions and other clubs form universities all over the world.

Especially we want to cooperate in the following fields:

– realization of MSc and PhD thesis with the cooperation of companies
– organization of trips to companies and R&D institutions
– organization of summer internships
– organization of seminars, lectures and workshops

We are widely open to all forms of cooperation. Do not hesitate to write to us, even if you simply want to introduce your organization.
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To contact us just write to at least one of the people below:

Marek Natkaniec (supervisor)

tel. (48) 12-617-40-40

Arkadiusz Pajor (president)


Dominik Rosiek (administrator)



Our address:

Students’ interest club „Telephoners”
AGH University of Science and Technology
Department of Telecommunications
Czarnowiejska 78 street
30-059 Kraków

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